RariLend resumes with new rules after OpenSea hides its PILLS Collections

Decentralization is the way…

After OpenSea removed RariLend’s NFT Collections from its centralized Marketplace, the RariLend team spent time reviewing some aspects of the project in order to resume the token sale while minimizing the impact on PILLS holders and its community.

After a lot of efforts, we are now resuming PILLS minting within the following new environement:

1- Tokenomics

The $RLP Total Supply has been divided by 5 (from 100B to 250B) which will give the token a higher upwards potential upon Listing and offering PILLS holders higher benefits.

PILLS & PASS still contain the same amount of token but it now represents a x2 in terms of % token supply.

In order to compensate this %token increase inside PILLS, RariLend will burn about 90.5% of the existing PASS Supply (1.9M burnt / 2.1M Minted).

Impact of reducing token supply on PILLS and DAO PASS Supply & $RLP %

It gives the following distribution for the remaining DAO PASS outstanding (and for the $RLP tokens they contain):

New DAO PASS distribution

Read the full updated tokenomics on RariLend’s official website.

2- Managing and trading PILLS and PASS

New trading Markets for PILLS & DAO PASS on Polygon

RariLend has listed PILLS and PASS on other Polygon Marketplaces for holders to see, transfer and trade PILLS and DAO PASS:

RariLend is working at having its PILLS collections traded on more NFT Marketplaces as well as developing its own Trading environement to integrate them and give holders more places to see, transfer and trade them.

We will keep the community updated of every new trading markets opening for our Collections in the future.

3- KYC for minting PILLS

KYC now required to mint PILLS

As RED & BLUE PILLS are a new generation of derivatives DeFi NFTs and remain a form of token sale (IBNFTO), investors now need to pass a KYC (provide ID in the DAO application form) to have their wallet address whitelisted in the minting contract and be able to mint PILLS.

Max 10 BLUE PILLS can be minted by whitelisted wallets.

Countries restrictions now apply.

Citizens of restricted countries might still be able to buy PILLS on NFT Marketplaces (secondary sales) but not anymore from the Official Minter (primary sales).

4- Leveling system and access to the Discord DAO

New access and leveling system in the RariLend Discord server

New comers in the Discord are now unable to gain XP and level up for roles. From now on, holding a DAO PASS is mandatory to become a verified member of the DAO.

Visitors can apply for a free DAO PASS by filling the application form available in the Discord server and then connect their wallet holding it to enter the server’s DAO.

Inviting friends will not give server roles anymore but will allow to earn more DAO PASS (each DAO PASS contains 2,000 $RLP):

  • 5 Invites: + 1 DAO PASS
  • 10 Invites: +1 DAO PASS
  • 15 Invites: +1 DAO PASS
  • etc…


An upcoming wave of DeFi and derivatives NFTs, tokenized assets, bonds, digital licensing, IP or other forms of utility NFTs are part of their future.

However, oldest generations of centralized Marketplaces such as OpenSea will likely be unable to list and trade them.

RariLend is building the next generation of NFT Markeplaces, able to connect the missing dots and open new opportunities and trading markets for NFT projects and creators looking at launching innovative NFTs in the future.

Trade, Lend and Borrow NFTs for Yield on RariLend



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